Water Drill Bits

Did you know that a special team of Cal Poly students were recently selected to help NASA find ways to drill for water on the moon and on Mars? If they were wise, they might call O-K Bit to find the best drill bits for whatever material they need to drill through. The experienced staff of the family owned O-K Bit has been helping equip those drilling for water for almost five decades. This three-generation company believes in strong personalized customer service world-wide (maybe soon- even intra-galaxy).

O-K Bit is known worldwide as the largest supplier of used or rerun drill bits. Whether you need to purchase the right new or used bit, or sell bits you no longer need, O-K Bit can help you. We are on-call to help you find the bit that will drill through whatever material you need to go through to get the water you need. We are on hand to keep your job going to completion.

We are on call and ready to help you find any size/material bit you need for water drilling, including:

We know which bit will work best for the formation you’re drilling. Contact O-K Bit any time and we will work hard to find the perfect new or used bit you need to complete your drilling.