Mining Drill Bits

Mining consists of the searching for, extraction, beneficiation and processing of naturally-occurring solid elements from our earth. Whether you are mining for metal or minerals such as coal, iron, copper, zinc, potash, limestone, crushed rock or any other element found in the ground, O-K Bit can help you find the correct new or used bit to drill in the material you have to get through.  The mining industry supplies raw resources for building, construction, chemical industries and electronics. In case you didn’t know, sixty-five different minerals are required for the average computer. Coal mining supplies at least 50% of power generated in America. However, O-K Bit supplies world-wide.

O-K Bit has been serving the mining industry for almost half a decade. The expert staff serves mining productions of all types. We have become known as the largest supplier of used or rerun drill bits. With the huge supply of new and used drill bits, we have clients who have discovered which bits work best in the particular material that needs to be broken through. Utilize that base of knowledge when acquiring the proper bit for whatever you are mining.

We are on call and ready to help you find any size/material drill bit you need for mining, including:

We know which bit will work best for the formation you’re drilling in. Contact O-K Bit any time and we will work hard to find the perfect new or used bit you need to complete your drilling.