With almost half a century of equipping drillers with the specific tools they need, this family-owned and operated business can help you with the exact reamer you need to get your job done quickly and cost-effectively. O-K Bit is known and respected for still answering their own phone and giving personalized service. Whether you are mining, directional drilling, water, geothermal or drilling for oil and gas, their knowledgeable staff can help outfit you with the specifications you require to complete your job. They may deliver world-wide, but they take pride in serving each client one—at a time.

Built for You

The correct reamer helps to stabilize and make your borehole more accurate so you can do your job well. You can even cut your tripping time with a good RWD (Reaming While Drilling). Every trip in and out of your borehole costs money. Reamers can cut your costs. O-K Bit can build just the reamer you need. Of course, there are millions of possible connections to fit the front and back depending on the size you are working with. O-K Bit respects your way of drilling and will custom-build a reamer to your specifications.

Refurbished/Rerun Reamers

One of the biggest expenses is found in the pipe you drop. In case you didn’t already know, O-K Bit is known as the world’s largest retailer of used bits. They can put new cutters on your existing pipe. They rework their own design or they also rebuild others. O-K Bit buys all types and sizes of used bits and reamers to refurbish. You can cut down cost significantly by using rebuilt reamers and bits. The reputation of O-K Bits rests on their almost 5 decades knowledge, expertise and service in equipping you with the best reamers for your application.

Quick Delivery

They know that you need your reamer fast so you can complete the job in front of you. O-K Bit knows the quickest delivery methods to get it to your job site ASAP, no matter where you are. Not only do they ship world-wide, you can choose to pick up at one of their two locations: Tonkawa, Oklahoma (northern OK) or Chandler, Arizona (central AZ).

Call O-K Bit any time to get the personalized service you need. Give them the specifications you need for a reamer or bit; they will get it to you.