Oil & Gas Drill Bits

Throughout the history of the Oil & Gas industry, there have been many innovations to drill deeper and more efficiently for the highly prized resources available under the earth’s surface. O-K Bit has a history of supplying drillers with the most innovative bits to tap the rich oil & gas reservoirs which are now used for so many applications. Our family-owned O-K Bit company has been serving our customers for almost half a century. We take pride in being available to help you get the bits you need to get each particular job done—no matter where you are drilling in the world.

Whatever region you are drilling for oil and gas in, you have to go through some strong material to get to the petroleum pool. O-K Bit and their knowledgeable staff can assist you in finding the best possible new or used bit to drill through the surface you need to drill through. Through the years, O-K Bit has earned the title of the world’s largest retailer of used bits. Whether you want to buy or sell a preowned bit or purchase a new bit, we can help you find the right one.

We are on call and ready to help you find any size/material bit you need for Oil & Gas drilling, including:

  • PDC Bits
  • PDC Reamers
  • PDC Hole Openers
  • Tricone Bits
  • HDD Hole Openers
  • Roller Cone Openers
  • Matrix or Steel Body Bits

We know which bit will work best for the formation you’re drilling. Contact O-K Bit any time and we will work hard to find the perfect new or used bit you need to complete your drilling.