Geothermal Drill Bits

Most Geothermal wells need to be drilled from 150- 600 feet deep. That usually requires a variety of bits which are needed to drill through different layers of material to tap into the heat source underground. O-K Bit has the experts to help you find the right bit for the job in geothermal drilling. With almost half a decade of experience and three generations of the same family working to serve you, O-K Bit is widely respected for their knowledge of bits and geothermal drilling. They have also made a world-wide name for being the largest retailer of used bits along with an impressive selection of new bits. They are ready to get the right bit to you in a timely manner—no matter where you are drilling in the world.

O-K Bit is on call to keep you working. They can help you find the correct drill bit for whatever you need to bore through, and get it to you as quickly as possible so you can keep drilling.

We are on call and ready to help you find any size/material bit you need for Geothermal drilling, including:

We know which bit will work best for the formation you’re drilling. Contact O-K Bit any time and we will work hard to find the perfect new or used bit you need to complete your drilling.