Directional Drill Bits

Directional Drilling is such a growing field. Although it was first developed about 100 years ago for oil field use, it is now used in diverse and growing applications including utility drilling, cable installation, pipe lines, mining, under driveways and construction of major highways. This is such a growing field that there are always new bits and tools being designed and used in new ways according to the exact job and formation that is being drilled through.

Directional drilling is any drilling that is not perfectly vertical. These days, almost any type of drilling involves at least some directional turns to go around a hard formation or under something. No matter how large or small your job is, we have the expertise, inventory and willingness to serve that will help you get your job done as cost effective and quickly as possible.

O-K Bit has almost five decades and three family generations of experience in drilling. We listen to drillers and the new ways they’ve used certain bits in all types of vertical or directional drilling. Our experienced staff can help you find the right new or used bit for your particular job.

We are on call and ready to help you find any size/material bit you need for directional drilling, including:

We know which bit will work best for the formation you’re drilling. Contact O-K Bit any time and we will work hard to find the perfect new or used bit you need to complete your drilling.